Monday, December 08, 2008

Question of the day. . .

Here it is: Are we Human, or are we Dancer?

(Don't think about it too much, Mom. It relates to the lyrics of a popular song on the radio. I don't get it, so I thought I'd just throw the question out there for anyone to feel free to explain which we are--human or dancer, and why.)


Lhone said...

Human...until the music plays!

Heather said...

That song is always stuck in my head...and some people should stick to being human, and not dance. (That wasn't directed at you...we all know that you have skills)

Blaineusa said...

HA! Heather, you crack me up. . . Cuz, I TOTALLY got that you were saying I should NOT be dancing at all. (Even in your parenthetical disclaimer-- It's just oozing with sarcasm).

But don't worry, we now have blinds downstairs, so the neighbors don't even have to put up w/ my attempts at hip-hop abs any more. ;) -ha!

Heather said...

Oh c'mon Blaine, we've all seen the cruise videos. We all know there's a dancer inside.

Wade Hone said...

It's simple, we are Humans that sometimes dance.


question answered, now that song needs no longer played. :-p

I kid, I'm sure it's good... but seriously, have you tried to listen to the lyrics? I don't even think the guy singing knows what it says... about the only coherent thing in the song is that one line... and it's ambiguous.

p.s. I'm with heather - we all know you have the skillz, we just wish that you'd wear a Knee Brace when channeling Elvis.