Saturday, November 21, 2009


Today, I heard a great definition of trust:

"If I make myself vulnerable to you, you won't leverage that vulnerability to my disadvantage."

When I heard it, I realized that all the people I don't trust in my life--the reason that I don't trust them is that they do NOT give me the above noted assurance that they wouldn't hurt me if I DID trust them.

So what: 

This thought encourages me to be transparent in my dealings.  When people know what my interests are, they can evaluate for themselves whether or not those interests pose a threat to their own.  More importantly, I should consider other people's interests as they relate to my own--always taking care not to create a disadvantage for someone who's trust I care to earn.\

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Glad to be back from China

Things I'm happy to be back for:
- family/friends
- my big SOFT king sized bed
- drinking water right from the faucet

of course, there's plenty of stuff I'll miss like:
- certain unique foods (hot pots, dumplings, beijing duck)
- silk street market shopping
- $0.36 subway rides to anywhere! (although, I'm sure Obama will bring us that soon enough)

good times; noodle salad.