Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Glad to be back from China

Things I'm happy to be back for:
- family/friends
- my big SOFT king sized bed
- drinking water right from the faucet

of course, there's plenty of stuff I'll miss like:
- certain unique foods (hot pots, dumplings, beijing duck)
- silk street market shopping
- $0.36 subway rides to anywhere! (although, I'm sure Obama will bring us that soon enough)

good times; noodle salad.


Lhone said...

I'm glad your back. I'm just sorry you had to come back to a little more of reality than you needed to. Trade me for one that works any time!

Kam said...

welcome back. As you can tell by my phone message last week, I forgot when your trip was. hope it was great. And, after reading Lisa's latest blog, I'm sad you guys don't have our names for Christmas. ha!

BlaineUSA said...

HA! I think the warrantee/exhange period has expired. Besides, the "one I got" has accumulated a significant amount of sentimental value. Think I'll hang on to you as long as I can--I'm thinking forever. ;)

-love ya!