Saturday, November 13, 2010

The Deep Thoughts of BlaineUSA: Fazer Pie

The Deep Thoughts of BlaineUSA: Fazer Pie
I'm told it's like Marie Calender's Chocolate Satin Pie

The link above is for an older post with one of my favorite pie recipes.  Thanks to the comment by Ann Garrett (Thanks, Ann), I realized that just before Thanksgiving is a great time to consider a great new pie recipe. Enjoy.

Oh, and one other thing Thanksgiving related:  The BlaineUSA family has decided to take a page out of Uncle Larry's book of great traditions.  We're starting our own pie night.  The Monday night before Thanksgiving, BlaineUSA and family are having a special shared Family Home Evening for anyone interested in coming.  In the annals of the BlaineUSA family history, it will be called: Pie Night.

A quick history and description of "pie night" (as described to me by Uncle Larry)-- What a shame it is to get to the end of your Thanksgiving feast and find there is little to no room in your stuffed belly for the most anticipated part of the feast:  the pie (and/or other fantastic dessert).  Solution:  Pie Night.  The Monday BEFORE Thanksgiving, get together with friends and family, bring all your favorite Thanksgiving desserts, and ENJOY them--as opposed to the "forcing them into your already stuffed gullet" that too often occurs after the Thanksgiving feast.

Therefore, in the interest of giving us all an opportunity to truly enjoy our desserts:  All friends and family are cordially invited to our residence for the first annual BlaineUSA Family Pie Night.  Certainly not intending to compete with Uncle Larry's night--don't ditch his party for ours if your friends or family of us both.  Larry needs as many friends as possible. -ha!  j/k!  ;)

But seriously, Mon. Nov. 22, starting at 6:30-ish, bring a pie (or other desert), and come on over for the pre-Thanksgiving enjoyment of friends, family, and pies!