Thursday, September 05, 2013

My Ebenezer

I teach a communications and critical thinking class as an adjunct faculty member at a university.  We had some deep thoughts in class tonight--some of which ultimately touch on principles of faith. After driving home from the class, I began reflecting on my own faith.  As I did so, the words to the hymn, COME THOU FOUNT OF EVERY BLESSING came to mind.  As I pulled in my garage, I found the song on my iPhone and played it in the car.

See lyrics here:

When it got to the part of raising an Ebenezer, I remembered reading once what an Ebenezer was, but I had forgotten.  So I did a quick google search and found a great blog here:

 It describes the history of King Samuel erecting a monument to "God's help"--an Ebenezer.  The stone became a public symbol of God's deliverance, grace, and mercy as well as a reminder to the people of their dependence on Him.

I felt inclined to comment on the post and the hymn.  Here's what I wrote on that blog:

"Sometimes when I seek repentance, I am vainly proud of myself for turning to God (I know--it's ironic to commit the sins of vanity and pride while in the very act of seeking His grace).  

"What an inspiring thought it is to remember that "HE sought ME when a stranger, wandering from the fold of God."  And yes--prone to wander? Oh I DO feel it!  Yet, It's HIS grace that is sufficient for me.  How blessed we are that He continues to leave the ninety and nine for us... for ME... the one, who by His grace, is worth saving.  

"Thanks for the post and the comment board, which I can use to raise MY Ebenezar!  So here I raise it:  a public reminder in this very comment that I have progressed as far as I have by His help; and IN His help is my hope to, "by [His] good pleasure, safely to arrive at home."  Again, thanks for sharing and the good work you do."