Monday, February 23, 2009

Ferrari F430

What an actual non-lying conversation last Saturday could've REALLY sounded like:

Someone: So, Blaine, what'd you do last night?

Blaine: Oh, I don't know, not much. . . went to the mall. . .got some Chinese food. . . rode in a Ferrari.

Someone: Get out! You're kidding.

Blaine: I'm totally serious. It was a Ferrari F430, and we went like 150 miles per hour.

Someone: I am calling "Bull" on this, cuz there's no way that could be true.

Blaine: Well, thank goodness I just happened to have my Handy Dandy InsigniaSD Mini Camcorder to capture the event on film.

Someone: Get out!! Let me see. . .

See you shall. . .

here it is. . .

Yeah, I DON'T know my cars very well.

All that really matters is . . . that's ME getting IN the Ferrari!!!

Here we are going FAST!!! When I show the speedometer. . . it was up to like 150 mph. I'm not even kidding. I'm not sure if we got quite to 150 or not, but whatever we were doing, it was FAST.

Watch the video again, and count the seconds between when we start accelerating, and when you see the speedometer. (I count 8 sec. . . Zero to 150 in EIGHT SECONDS!!!! Whoa Momma!) AWESOME!!!

Here's a picture of the speedometer, to give a feel for actual mph readings. You can compare it to the blurry light blips you can see in my shaky video footage to try to figure out how fast we were going.

Suffice it to say: it was QUITE the experience!!!

So, how did I come by such an opportunity? Someone at the trade show (where I was working last week) had a side job of renting out exotic cars by the hour for test drives. They told me where the cars were parked. When I went over to go see the cars, my trade show contact offered to let me ride with them to go put the cars in the garage. At first I was like, "oh, no thanks, I really don't think I'd ever like to ride in a car that most people never even get to touch." But I came to my senses and jumped all over the opportunity.

They even let me sit in the driver seat, start it up, and rev the engine a couple times. It really was cool. It was like having your own roller coaster ride. AWESOME!!!

If anyone wants to know where you can drive Ferrari's, Lamborghini's, Phat and Phancy Porches, Mercedeses, and a few other exotics, let me know and I'll hook you up. For $150/hr. or $500/half day tour, they're all yours! Or, for Fathers Day, there's a special deal: $300/2-hour tour for 2 people.

Anyway. . . TONS of fun!!!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Hey . . . Free Dummy!

So there's a 'deep thoughts by Jack Handy' from SNL that goes something like this:

If I were ever to fall off the top of the Empire State Building, I think I would go limp and act like a dummy, so that maybe someone on the street would try to catch me because they would look up and see me and say, "hey, free dummy."

. . .

This "deep thought" relates to a book title I just heard about. I felt like the thought above and the book title were really similar. It's called:

"If life was easy, it wouldn't be hard."

I think that's about as cool a book title as:

"If my shirt wasn't red, it would be some other color."

Mind you, I've met the author of this particular book, and she's awesome. I'm sure the book's great. Just a dumb title.

Hey. . . Free Dummy!