Friday, February 13, 2009

Hey . . . Free Dummy!

So there's a 'deep thoughts by Jack Handy' from SNL that goes something like this:

If I were ever to fall off the top of the Empire State Building, I think I would go limp and act like a dummy, so that maybe someone on the street would try to catch me because they would look up and see me and say, "hey, free dummy."

. . .

This "deep thought" relates to a book title I just heard about. I felt like the thought above and the book title were really similar. It's called:

"If life was easy, it wouldn't be hard."

I think that's about as cool a book title as:

"If my shirt wasn't red, it would be some other color."

Mind you, I've met the author of this particular book, and she's awesome. I'm sure the book's great. Just a dumb title.

Hey. . . Free Dummy!


Lhone said...

OH DON"T EVEN!!! Punk.

Kam said...

If your keys fall into a river of molten lava... let 'em go, because, man, they're gone!

Not sure what Lisa's talking about, but it sounds like she had an issue with the "Free Dummy" idea?