Sunday, July 20, 2014

Dream Living

It just occurred to me (and forgive me if fact checkers and researches find there is another who has articulated these ideas...  If so, good job to them, because I've adopted them and when I think of them, they feel like my own thoughts.  --and that goes for any and all of my posts....)

It just occurred to me that there are three types of "dream living"...

  •        Living IN a dream
  •        Living ON a dream
  •        Living the dream

Living IN a dream is the state of being delusional...  Either through over-optimistic thinking that denies reality, or through negative despair that sees no brighter day, a dream can haunt and torment a person.

Living ON a dream is the healthy use of hope to drive action.  It motivates a person to see beyond obstacles to find solutions and picks them up when they are down.  Living on a dream is the power that can move a person to real action for real results.

Living the dream is the feeling of gratitude in any condition that allows a person to understand (as the proverb says) "The secret to having it all is to realize you already do."

Which dream are you living?