Monday, December 08, 2008

Paul Potts

So here's the Paul Potts video I was talking about in my previous blog. The first time I saw this was at my MBA residency week. In one of my classes, they talked about becoming and being who you really are inside. They played this video, telilng us that this guy went on to win the competition in which he was competing.

The funny thing was--as they played the video, and this guy sang his song, I couldn't help but feeling emotionally moved by the music--literally to tears. I've had that experience in church when I understand the words, and there's a thought that accompanies the music, but this was different. I don't even understand the words this guy's singing, yet somehow the music was just that moving.

It was tough, cuz here I was in this 70-person class of MBA students (which was 90% men), and I'm sitting here bawling. Rediculous! I'm such a little girl.

I blame the sound and theater system, actually. It was a really nice sound system, and they had a much better quality video than this grainy Youtube thinger below; therefore, the visceral effect was impressive--making it easy to get into the music. Yeah. . . I'm sure that's it. Nothing to do with my simple emotions connected with this guy with an amazing voice.

p.s. Isn't that girl judge w/ Simon and Piers pretty? I don't know who she is, but she's almost like 87% of Lisa's prettiness. . . . almost. ;)


Lhone said...

Wo...why are you checking out girls? You're not married your dead to them. (get in, your married not dead. See how I turned that around?)

anywho...I told you after residency week that this is one of my all time favorite songs in the whole world. Sometime I should figure out what the words mean, but wow there just isn't a song more moving that isn't just moving because of being spiritually charged. I LOVE THIS SONG!! Thanks for posting it where I can access is easily.

Lhone said...

And what gets me about this clip is that some chump, with bad teeth, that sells cellphones for a living walks out onto the stage with every one in the room judging him immediately. Did you see Simon's eyes before he started like, "oh boy this is going to be bad if this guy thinks he can sing opera". Pierce gave a side look like "do we have to indulge this guy", and in a matter of seconds the whole audience was crying, and moved to speechlessness. Totally blown away because he opened up a little and exposed himself to possible criticism and redicule. What an example!

Rebecca said...

MMMM..I love this one too, and while I'm a girl and ALLOWED to cry anytime I want to-- I too am moved to tears everytime I hear it. Isn't it wonderful??

Thanks for sharing!!

Heather said...

Yeah, I'm crying. Actually truly crying with tears streaming down my face. You'd have to be a rock inside, not too!

James said...

I'm a rock and did not cry when they showed it to our MBA class. But I would have punched anybody in the face who said it wasn't the awesomest thing they ever saw.

Blaineusa said...

James, It's okay if you really cried.

The Island Duo said...

Wow, ONLY in utah would you have a sentimental soul searching class on being and becoming who you are deep down inside. ;) That's awesome. Maybe i should think about an MBA ;)