Tuesday, December 30, 2008

I'm a sucker for a good MLM!!!

It's true! I eat these things up. I will stay awake at 2:00a.m. and think to myself, "I really SHOULD be a real estate genious. After all, that really IS what I've wanted to do all my life." I've made it a rule, though, to NOT sign up for anything--no matter how good it sounds--on the day (or night) I first hear about it. I think this has saved me a couple times from making an early A.M. bad decision. (Also, I've tried to make it a rule not to buy anything I see for order on T.V. This too has been a blessing, whereas I have yet to find myself pining away after that super-duper nose and ear hair trimmer things--oooh, except I forgot "Hip Hop Abs". Now THAT one was worth it. Can't get enough of that Shawn-T. . . . Oh yeah, and I know Lisa loves her "Monster" . . . But seriously! We're not buying ANYTHING else that's sold on T.V. . . . but I digress)

So MLM's. Yeah, they always impress me. Here's one to which I got IM'd an invitation. It left me w/ that same "sounds appealing" feeling I get from Carlton Sheets every time I hear about how he can get me rich on real estate. If you're not scared to check things like this out (and I'm not using that term to "dare" you into it; rather, I seriously mean there is a healthy filter of suspicion, if not fear, that one ought to apply to these things--especially if you're succeptible to seccumb to them like me). . .so yeah, if you're not too scared, take a look at this one. --but DON'T fill out your real email info. OR sign up for the thing. If you're gonna sign up, you gotta tell me to jump on board so you can sign up under me. Start getting ME rich a little quicker, instead of the dude that randomly IM'd me the link.

Here's the website: http://website.ws/khjo912

Skip all the "you can totally get as rich as you want" stuff, and just click to see the video.

(So that you don't have to endure the whole "we're gonna make you a star" speil before finding out what the product is, I'll spoil it for you: it's domain names for a monthly subscription. You sign people up for these online domains at $10/month on an MLM basis.)

G'luck. Enjoy. Lemme know what you think.


Lhone said...

say what you will...I like buying stuff off tv. If we had more money, I would TOTALLY be buying more stuff.

Wade Hone said...

wow, a product that I actually 'could' get excited about selling...

My only thing is that with pretty much MLM I have seen, I start to thinking... well why do I want to give so much of my profits away to some one else? If I sell Vitamins, and pass a large percentage of the profits along - why not just find my own native aborigines to grow a special plant in the deserts of AustralilAfricAlaska and sell it myself, keeping ALL of the profits for Me?!?

I'm sure at the end of the presentation I would feel the same way about domain hosting - but, that said, I do like the MLM enthusiasm that is created by the 'here's your path to the 'Dream' - it's nice to be reminded of the Dream ya know?

wade -out.