Saturday, September 26, 2009


This thought is deeper than I have time to fully articulate, but here's what I've got:

Are you managing the innevitable OR creating meaningful change. I.E. do you simply take what life sends you, and deal with it as it comes, or do you proactively THINK about principles, actions, and results you will command by the circumstances you create in life--then TAKE ACTION towards accomplishing said results?

Are you narrowing the gap between knowing and doing. I.E. do you DO the things you know, or are you just looking at all you could do, saying to yourself, "yeah, I know how to do that", then NOT DOING it? Or are you a man of action?


Lhone said...

is this from our conversation where I sat and did nothing? because you know that I just sit and do nothing. I don't do anything proactively. At all.

Wade Hone said...

it's funny, I tried to type a consice comment to this post, but, unfortunately, I don't posses the skill to communicate all my thoughts on that matter 'consicely'.

So, instead I will thank you for allowing me to 'wax' philosophicaly for a moment. good post sir!

Dean and Cindy Hatch said...

Just what I needed on a rainy day - Motivation to do something, when I really just wanted an excuse not to. Bummer, but thanks. Cindy

Karen said...

I think I USED to "be a man of action", but nowdays I'm certainly NOT!! Nowadays I just 'go with the flow' and hope there aren't too many ripples or waves in the flow!! (I AM hankerin' for a TRIP though, these days, so I think I'm about to become a "man of action" as I start figuring out a new place for us to go see. It takes lots of work to put together vacation plans, so I'm about to THINK and TAKE ACTION and accomplish said results!) Love, Mom