Monday, September 14, 2009

All the Lyrics of the Same Song, except the Chorus (which includes the title)

We're talking away
I don't know what I'm to say
I'll say it anyway
Today's another day to find you
Shying away
I'll be coming for your love, OK?

chorus. . .

So needless to say
I'm odds and ends, but that's me
stumbling away
Slowly learning that life is OK.
Say after me
It's no better to be safe than sorry

chorus . . .

Oh the things that you say
Is it life or just a play
my worries away
You're all the things I've got to remember
You're shying away
I'll be coming for you anyway

. . .

Any guesses?


Lhone said...

I'll be safe and say, NO, no guesses.

Ooohhh...the irony.

Christine said...

So where are you going (in a day or two)?

your mom said...

One I think I've NEVER heard of. Why are you LIKING it, babe?? (just curious...) (Love, Mom)

Rebecca said...

of course!! Take On Me, by Aha!

the only band that ever got to hang on my locker door at school. :)

the cruise looks awesome!!

BlaineUSA said...

Good Job, Becca!!!

Mom, it's just a song that's on a CD I have in my car lately. It's a classic 80's song. very famous. I've heard the song a thousand times, but that one line jumped out at me the other day. I don't particularly like or not like the song. I just thought most people'd know the line from the song. just bein silly.