Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Nauvoo Temple

Conference was awesome. One of the "take aways" I got from conference was that my time needs to be spent in more valuable endeavors (in terms of maintaining an "eternal perspective"). With my travel for work, I have a considerable amount of 'alone' time that I realized I could spend that time a lot more productively (in an "eternal perspective" kind of way) than I have in the past. (Usually I go to a local Wal*Mart, J.C. Penny, Khols, or some other venue to do some quality window shopping. --I LOVE shopping!!!)

Being that temples seemed to be a powerful theme in the conference (at least for me), I decided to make an effort to spend some of my personal time on business trips trying to get to the nearest temple. If I have time to do a session, I plan to.

In the case of my first of these excursions, I landed in Nauvoo on a Monday night, so the temple wasn't open for sessions. Regardless, it was a great experience. A beautiful temple!

Here are some pics. of me at the Nauvoo Temple.

Here's the front view of the temple. Kinda cool how the inscription on the front of the building identifies the commencement of this building as beginning clear back in 1841. How cool to have the thing finally constructed (re-constructed really) just a few years ago.

This shot is actually from the back of the temple, but I thought it was really a cool picture to see the temple and the flag together like that. It feels kinda symbolic to me (namely, that the opportunities for temples in this great land are, in large part, a function of the freedoms and liberties upon which our nation was established.)

This is me in front of the temple. It was tough getting a good pic. of myself AND the temple. Plus it was cold outside.

Here's "take 2" of the 'Blaine and the Nauvoo Temple' shot. :)


Christine said...

Fascinating place. I've studied extensively on the settlement of Navoo by the Icarians who "leased" the land after the LDS group vacated. Later, a faction of those French Icarians settled in California and my husband descends from them.

Karen said...

I'm glad you got to go to that Nauvoo temple, Blaine--it IS nice!! Brad and Ruth went last summer with your dad and I, plus your dad and I went the year previous, too. We really, really like being in it. There's just a good feeling there.

I'm going to call and tell you that you may want to go to the Chicago temple, TOO, since that's where you are today. I really LOVE that temple!! It's kinda like the Boise one. Love, Mom

Lhone said...

great pics. I love that you take pics of things you do. i miss you.

Blaineusa said...

Thanks Christine. I just got a good read on the history of the Icarians on Wikipedia. Kind of an interesting group to study.