Saturday, April 04, 2009

Blaine D. Hone - Rock Star

So, I google'd my name today: Blaine D. Hone. I found a few things: an old debate standings announcement from high school, a poem I submitted on, my first blogpost on this blog. . . and so forth.

Upon considering the various interests to which my name was linked, I asked myself, to what industry, profession, or interest do I wish people would equate my name? Poetry's nice, but fruity. Debate--was fun, but often times pointless (and who wants to be known for being pointless); plus, that was a long time ago. There was a contract for supplying hot applied crack sealants to the state of Kansas that I found kind of interesting, but it's a fairly small community that will be interested in Blaine D. Hone--the contact person on the contract for crack sealant purchases in the state of Kansas. My blogpost. . .eh' I haven't written anything of great importance here.

So I thought maybe "Rock Star" would be a fun one to put next to my name. Now, hopefully after a while, when people are looking me up, (of course, I imagine the 'people' I'm talking about will be mostly me). . . they'll see "Blaine D. Hone - Rock Star" and maybe they'll think for a second, "no, that couldn't be the same Blaine D. Hone I know. . . is he a rock star now? I guess I could see that. Good for him!"


Lhone said...

You are a rock star!!

Brett said...

When you google my name you can see that I really am a rock star. Except that I was born a female in the UK in 1967. I performed as lead vocals for the British pop band "Suede". My coworkers often tease me about this little known fact about myself.

Lhone said...

Brett, can I get your autograph? I had no idea we had a celeb in the fam. I'm thinking talent show next Christmas, whatchathink?

Wade Hone said...

you could totaly be a rock star... I mean heck, you already have a groupie named Lisa who believes that you already are one!@