Friday, March 20, 2009

The Jubilee Crowd

I found this interesting. When I went to get a gallon of milk, I walked by the checkout stand at our town's grocery store (yeah. . .we have ONE in our town, and it's great). When I had the milk in hand, and had browsed around for a couple other items, I came back towards the checkout stand. Funny thing. . . the little groups of people that had sort of accumulated by the checkout stand area were NOT checking out. They were just sitting there talking.

The funny thing is. . .this isn't out of the ordinary, it's just what happens. You can't go to Jubilee without knowing someone (and usually wanting to talk to them). I don't know these 7 people (which--as I mentioned--is actually pretty surprising, since the odds of knowning at least 14% [or 1 in 7] of the people in Jubilee at any given moment are pretty high), but it was fun to think for a moment (and capture a picture of it) about one of the awesome reasons I LOVE my little town.


Lhone said...

What is funny is that the girls are all in the conversation for the long haul, and the ONE GUY knows it. Doesn't look too thrilled! Actually, he looks like Trent! Anyway, I love our town, and especially Jubilee. I have only been once in the 2 years we have been here, when I didn't know anyone. ONCE! And, that is saying something since I go ALL the time.

Kam said...

Hey, that's pretty fun, eh? I went to the Bft Wal-mart when I was home visiting mom and dad last weekend, and ran into three different people we know... Hailey Phelps, the Wallaces, and Rena. Small towns rule!

Andrea said...

This would be comparative to Stater Bros. when we lived in Chino. You couldn't go in there without running into someone you knew. I just hope for your guys' sake, your town doesn't grow like Chino did.