Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I wanna be like Cristina

Tonight I saw this video of my friend Sarah's sister-in-law, Cristina--(who happens to be competing in Atlanta's biggest loser, and everyone's supposed to go vote for her). . . Anyway, Cristina just ROCKS it out in this video of herself singing a Les Misrables song (with different words).

But it was awesome!!! Seriously, I almost went blind from exposure to sheer awesomeness. As I saw her singing, I realized I NEED to be more like her. I need more guts to just BE awesome in front of a camera--or anywhere for that matter. So, for what it's worth--tonight, you inspired me, Cristina. Thanks.

Here's the blog where I saw her:

(you can go to the blog to see how to WIN $$$ for voting. :)

Also I've tried to embed the video here:


Sara said...

That's awesome, Blaine! I thought the same thing. Cristina is awesome :)

Great to hear from you!!

Lhone said...

You are a rockstar baby!

drusef said...

Blaine you ARE sheer awesomeness!! I bow down to you today for your words and acts of kindness towards someone you don't even know! Thank you!!!!!
And just for you I'll add a few more videos I've been working on. Hope you like them!
Cristina Packham!

Sara said...

hey blaine, be sure and see c's new video. i think i heard your name :)