Monday, October 13, 2008

Quote of the day

Here's the Quote of the day:

"Never argue with a stupid person. They bring you down to their level, then beat you with experience." -ha.

I read this on a forum called place where star wars geeks hang out and omment on the most random stuff imaginable. I came to this forum, because I had typed a question into "Do peanuts go bad?" I was asking this question because the taste of the really old peanuts I had just eaten made me want to confirm what I had deducted myself, (which is, yes, they absolutely go bad--and when you eat bad peanuts, the taste just stays with you. . . bleghhh.)

Anyway, so I came across this post that referred to peanut butter. The event the guy on the forum recounts reminds me a lot of something my brother, Wade, might do. What's more, it sounds like the way Wade might even say it. Funny stuff. Here's what he said on the forum:

"Had this large jar of Skippy Creamy in my cabinet for the better part of 16 months, and up to about a few months ago, it was still fine when I needed it (a hotdog here and there, or a quick PBJ). And honestly, even with the change of seasons, the climatic conditions in my apartment here in NYC are pretty stable throughout the year. Well, the other day, I had a hankerin' for a PBJ (can't remember how old the J is, but I do replace my bread accordingly!!), and I noticed that the PB on the sides of the jar were of a considerably stiffer consistency than the bulk of it in the bottom (kinda' like spackle). No biggie, just use the soft stuff, right? Well.....the best way to describe the taste is glue...or like before, kinda' like spackle. I was eventually able to wash the majority of the protein-based adhesive from the corners of my teeth, but the aftertaste lingered for a few days. Luckily, I'm single this Valentines.

"There was some separated oil, but this was just plain scary. I've had 'separated' PB before, but there had to have been a high level of toxicity in this stuff by then. Believe me, it wasn't worth the stirring.

"So learn from my debacle, unless you are certain that you will be going through a lot of peanut butter on a regular basis, you're better off getting the small or medium containers, even though the big ones are more economical. Don't let size fool you into assuming equitable stamina. Did I mention that I'm single this Valentines?"

Anyway. Dumb post, but I feel forwarned now about peanut butter.


Karen said...

Blaine, I just happened to go into your blog tonight while you're in China---(just kinda lonesome for you, I guess....)--- and I thought this write-up was really cute. And I totally agree with you---it DOES sound like our Wader guy---completely!! Peanuts can taste pretty dreadful when they get old---RANK is more the word for 'em, I think.

I sincerely hope you're having good success with what you went there for....(to China, I'm meaning.) Your little Brandon is certainly precious....and says he's missing you. (I'll tell you later about his cute phone call to me.) Well, Stay Gold, my son!! Love, Mom

Lhone said...

ha, good one

Andrea said...

I think peanuts can go bad, or maybe they are bad seeds from the plant or tree or whatever they grow on. And I LOVE the quote. That will be my new favorite quote.

Wade Hone said...

Soo.... I have a Doppleganger out there eh? well, I just checked my 40 oz. jar o JIFF and see that it says it's all good till February of 2010, hurray~!

Though I have also discovered that buying in the 'single size' does prevent 5 day peanut breath, however, I will attest that it does not in fact guarantee dates... for you see, I too am single this valentines day. :-P