Friday, September 26, 2008

My Mission Statement

Steven Covey is a big proponent of establishing a meaningful mission statement. I have made an effort to do so in times past, but haven't seemed to have it come together quite like it did today for me. While I'm certain I'll modify the mission as I continue to pursue it, here's what I came up with today in my effort to define my mission statement:

My mission is encapsulated by my motto: Progressive Pursuit of Perfection

My mission is therefore broken up into three parts, and can be stated thusly: I am a man of God who continually improves in my ability to become all that is good that I can become, remaining committed to and focused on accomplishing all that I am capable of accomplishing that is right.

I am Progressive; which means I am not content to languish within the status quo while new methods for accomplishing righteous purposes can be developed and implemented. Within systems or organizations or independently, in both personal and public affairs, I am able to creatively envision and move towards the best possible solution. Constant improvement is a signature part of the makeup of my character.

I am involved in the Pursuit; which means I am committed to being in motion towards worthwhile objectives at all times. I continually work hard and do Good. “What’s next” is my motto for pursuit; I am a man of action.

Perfection is my end destination; which means that no matter what my weaknesses may be today, I confidently expect that through my personal effort and the grace of God, in time, they will be blotted out by my strengths. I know my strengths and magnify them in a directed effort as I accomplish the purposes of my existence. It is not enough for me to simply be good, but I am good for something—a great many somethings, in fact. I maintain my perspective on the eternal nature of my soul in each moment, remembering always that perfection is my end; I thusly maintain integrity in all I do. I am a man of honor.

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Karen said...

Oh my dear Son, You are INDEED a "Man of Honor", and I am so very proud of you!!

What a magnificent Mission Statement you have created! I'm delighted that you are so very intent on righteousness and goodness, and I see that you have always been so. You have great depth and character, and a wonderful power of expression, and I love reading the things you write. (....although I must admit, sometimes I have to read 'em about 3 times through so that I can understand your profound wording!!) :) Keep up your good work. Lots of Love to you, Your Proud Mom