Tuesday, September 11, 2012

How to get your husband to eat salad!

Struggling to get your husband to eat salad for dinner?  Here is a sure-fire four-step process to change all that in an instant!
First:  make sure meal time is right after a good workout, so he's good and hungry.

Second:  make sure there's no quick and easy dinner he can sneak while you're taking your son to violin practice.  (i.e. Be sure your husband's supply of microwave burritos and/or corn-dogs is completely depleted.)

Third*:  invent some random rice-y like grain substance and call it something silly like Quinoa (apparently pronounced "kinwa"), then cook it till it's mushy, mix in some mayonnaise or something, then put it in a casserole pan with some boiled broccoli peppered throughout.  Add some cheese to make him think it's food, and cook it in the oven until the cheese is melted and the edges turn brown . . . or browner, I guess, since the boiled "bird seed" (a.k.a. quinoa) is brown to begin with.

Fourth:  serve the Quinoa casserole next to a big salad. . .

Voilla!!!   Husband politely eating plenty of salad for dinner, with little comment on the "simulated" main dish.

* Note:  this plan may not work if your husband is a big fan of rice, or rice-y grains, mushy stuff, broccoli, and/or casseroles.

. . .thanks for all your wonderful efforts, baby!  I love you AND almost ALL your dinners!  :)


Lhone said...

you are a H.U.G.E brat. Hope you are just as happy eating the leftovers tomorrow... mwahahahahaha

Karen, Blaine's Mom said...

Cute write-up Blaine. Sounds like you kinda take after your DAD!! :)
(p.s. knowing in advance what you're getting for dinner tomorrow, might help you to run over to Steph's and pick up a quick burger or two BEFORE dinner time, eh?) :)

Kam said...

You naughty boy!!
Lisa, I would eat it... I keep wanting to try quinoa. But I do think it should be pronounced like it's spelled... Like quinn -- oh- ah. Just makes more sense, doesn't it?