Saturday, January 09, 2010

Quote of the day

I don't remember the exact quote, but it comes from the ghost of Jacob Marley--(in Dickens' A Christmas Carol).  He is talking to Scrooge, and when Scrooge tells Marley his punishment certainly can't be just because he was such a good business man, Marley retorts:

"Mankind was my business!"

. . . then he goes on, and tells Scrooge (and the rest of us) that mankind is his (and ours) business as well.

If Mankind is my business, why do I spend so much time on business and so little on the "mankind" I care most about?  This thought occurred to me as I drove away from my home and family at 7:00am again this Saturday to my MBA classes.  And for what?  . . .to better my career?  . . . to improve my earning potential?  . . .to be better at business? 

Or. . . is there something deeper to my education?  Maybe my MBA interactions ARE the "business of mankind".  Maybe every day with every person--business or personal--is a day of "the business of mankind."  I think it can be, depending on the way I interact.

When I feel the urge to step out of the mindset of 'the business of mankind', I can do the kindest thing you can imagine.  When I feel anger, and wish to place blame, I can take blame.  When I feel upset, I can use kindness to defuse my own emotions.

It's been said that there are two kinds of truths in the world:  the kind of truth that builds people up, and the kind of truth that tears people down.  May I always be cognizant of the truth I share.


Lhone said...

I just hope you can recover. I do love how you are always striving to do well, and even better than you already are. I love you.

Fusion said...

"I just want to quit school and be a professional photographer". That's what I said a few minutes ago, right after I realized I have a test next week in my MA program. Pffft.