Monday, August 03, 2009

BEWARE of buying from HP

BEWARE of buying form HP

First of all, the quality of the computer I got sucked in exactly the worst way. That thing you always dread happening happened: just a few days after the store’s 90-day money back guarantee expired, the hard drive crashed. Test after test showed it was irreparably defective. And yeah, I’m talking literally less than 2 weeks after the store’s money back guarantee. (I bought the thing 3/13/09 and the hard drive crashed 6/29/09.)

So I try to use HP support to see how to get the warrantee service. After about 2 hours chatting w/ some girl, she determines that I really have a problem that needs fixed. So, I arrange to have a box sent to me so that I can send them my computer. After a few days, the box still isn’t there, so I call back. They didn’t send it because they couldn’t verify my credit card number—in case I take parts off of the laptop to keep or something. . . So when were they going to call and let me know I needed to supply more info.

Anyway, I try again to get a box, and a few days later it comes. So, I ship my computer to them, thinking that it will actually return to me repaired within a couple or few days as they promise. (Shipped it on 7/20/09.) So on 8/3/09, I finally start wondering where the thing has disappeared to, and call in to get some info.

After spending more than FIVE AND A HALF HOURS on the phone with HP waiting for someone to talk with me about when I might get the thing back, they still couldn’t tell me ANYTHING about when I might get my computer back from them. And no, I am NOT exaggerating. I have checked my call log to verify. Call 1: 46 minutes; Call 2: 1 hour 54 minutes (I kid you not); Call 3: I’m on 3 hours 6 minutes and 37 seconds at the moment of this writing. Anyway, the last word I heard is that some case manager (whoever that’s supposed to be) is supposed to get back with me in a day or two. That’s right in 24 to 48 hours, as they articulate it, I should hear from someone about what might be happening with my computer.

In the mean time, wish me luck. . . oh yeah. . . and buyer beware on getting quality products from HP. . . and heaven forbid you get a bum machine. . . you will rue the day you spend 5 hours on the support hotline. Best of luck to you.

p.s. if you can think of any way I can legally make it sting HP for the time it has cost me, let me know before the Christian side of me convinces me not to seek vengeance. ;)


Karen said...

THAT'S RIDICULOUS!! I'm sorry for you---in more wsys than ONE!! To have a crashed hard drive, is DREADFUL!! (We KNOW!!) And to have it happen right AFTER the store's expiration guarantee, is unreal! I can't believe that you're having that much trouble getting support from HP, but it seems like you might need a different phone number to try--like maybe the "Head Hauncho's" or something. Anyway, I'm sure sorry for what you're going through. Lots of Luck to you...(and Love!) from Mom

Christine said...

You're worrying me. I took delivery of my new HP mini laptop on 5-1-09. So far so good. I'll keep my fingers crossed and call you to handle my return if need be. I don't do telephones well because of my hearing problems.

Wade Hone said...

heh, one thing you can do to start getting treated right, is the next time to save time telling the story, direct them to your blog to read the history so far.

that way they will instantly escalate your call to supervisors and such.

(you may want to edit that last line out before doing that, but maybe not too. heh.)

Good luck sir. That's too bad to hear that they are back to poor service, I know that they worked really hard to get that perseption changed... (back in the days when they had Hewlet Packard, and their 'Pak Bell' debacles.)

I do hope that thins work out for you.

I guess to add my 2 cents, I and several of the Techs I stay in touch with like the service that Dell offers.